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Frozen Entrees

ARI works with multiple frozen meal manufacturers giving us the capability to offer the products most suited to your needs. Whether a single dish entrée, cold or hot sandwich or a cheeseburger we can package in ready-to-serve or ready-to-heat packaging.  In the relief channel, our current products have proven to be very popular for Senior feeding in particular, as they are a full single meal, easy to store and prepare and of course satiating. With crisis response, we can tailor-make a product such as a sandwich which will store frozen with extended shelf life. It can then be thawed as needed for distribution. This allows the offering of a fresh sandwich option in situations where this has not always been a viable option.  We are accustomed to working with customers who have very specific service needs, regional menu preferences and nutritional requirements. We will find your most cost-effective, quality solution.

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